Georgetown McDonough 2011 MBA Application Questions, Deadlines, Tips.

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This Georgetown McDonough 2011 MBA Application tip post is one of a series of posts providing MBA application and essay advice for applicants to top MBA programs around the world. You can access the entire series at My tips for answering Georgetown's essay questions are in blue below.

ESSAY ONE (Required) - Limit: 750 words

A) What position do you plan to obtain upon graduation from the MBA program? Please include both industry and function in your explanation.

B) How will the combination of your past experiences and the Georgetown MBA position you for this new opportunity?

C) Please describe how you envision your career progression beyond your initial post-MBA position.

This is a goals question broken down into more specific sub-questions. It remains a straightforward, connect-the-dots MBA goals question.  Click on the link for tips on writing an essay that both distinctly reflects You and demonstrates your knowledge of Georgetown.)

ESSAY TWO (Required) - Limit: 750 words

A) What does leadership mean to you? What are the personal characteristics and skills required to be an effective leader?
B) Provide a specific example of when you demonstrated leadership skills. Describe a challenge that you faced and the results that you achieved.
C) What areas do you wish to develop in order to become a more effective leader?

There are several critical elements to this question: Your definition of leadership, your personal example of leadership, the challenge you faced, the impact you had, and how you would like to develop further. Don't feel compelled to respond in exactly the order given in the questions; just make sure you answer all elements. Please see Leadership in Admissions.

ESSAY THREE (Required) - Limit: 750 words
How will your classmates benefit from your presence in the Georgetown MBA program?

What talents are you going to bring to Georgetown, and where to you intend to contribute them? Do your homework on McDonough before you answer the question. What clubs will you want to participate in? What initiatives will you want to take? This a great essay in which to show both self-awareness and your knowledge of Georgetown.

A) Please provide a bulleted list of your post-undergraduate involvement in the community. Indicate the nature of the activity or organization, dates of involvement, offices held, and average number of hours spent each month.
B) What motivates you to continue contributing to the community? Limit: 250 words

A is a list and not an essay, but in your description focus on achievement, contribution, and impact. If you were membership chair of a particular organization, don't just list "Membership Chair." Also note that membership increased 20% during the year that you were membership chair.

B is a short essay and you don't have a lot of room. Discuss your motivations and reference your past or ongoing community service.

OPTIONAL ESSAY ONELimit: 500 words
If you are not currently employed full-time, use this space to provide information about your current activities.

Please see "Laid off! How Will It Affect Your Application"


Please provide any information you would like to add to your application that you have not otherwise included. Candidates wishing to be considered for a functional scholarship (finance, marketing, consulting, non-profit/government) will address their greatest accomplishment(s) in their chosen field and why they should be selected for this scholarship.

For those of you not seeking a functional scholarhip, please see "The Optional Essay: To Be or Not to Be." For those of you who are seeking such funding, you will need to make your case in this essay.  Focus on your most impressive achievement in your field. Describe the challenges you faced, what you did, and the results. Quantify your impact if possible.

Georgetown McDonough 2011 MBA Deadlines

Round One: November 1, 2010

Round Two: January 1, 2011

Round Three: April 1, 2011

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