Consortium Interview: How is it Different from other MBA Interviews?

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As expected, our second Consortium Application Strategies Q&A was just as successful as our first, with lots of good questions and loads of new information offered from the Consortium and from participating schools.

Here is an excerpt from the chat on Consortium interviews:

Linda Abraham: Juan asks, "I'm curious about what I should expect at my Consortium interview?"

Travis McAllister-CONSORTIUM: I'm going to refer this one to the schools because the Consortium interview is going to vary. I will say that when you are expecting your Consortium interview, you can choose between a member school representative or a Consortium alum. I tell anyone who has called me that it varies by individual person. We have guidelines and prescriptions about what they can or cannot ask in your interview, but it's still going to vary by person. So I want to refer to some of the member schools who have or will be conducting Consortium interviews for this round.

Jon Fuller-MICHIGAN ROSS: There probably is a degree of variability if you are interviewing with an alum or if you are interviewing at a specific member school. But again, the guidance that we get is that the interview is supposed to be school neutral, so you probably won't experience a whole lot of questions based specifically on the school. For instance, if you came and had an interview at Ross, I'm not going to ask you your nitty-gritty thoughts of why you want to come to Ross and espouse the virtues of our program verses any of these other programs or anything like that. The Consortium interview is a general interview where the interviewer's comments are going to be made available to all of the schools you are applying to through the Consortium. So as such, the approach that we and others take is that it's more of an assessment of how this person is fit for an MBA in general. How clear are their goals and ambitions and what they want to do with their MBA? How is their professionalism? How is their teamwork in general? And again, the assessment is not supposed to be how that is looking through the lens of our specific program, but how that information is of value to Consortium programs as a whole. So if you've been doing your due diligence as you've been writing those essays and trying to make an assessment for yourself in terms of why you want to do this, that's pretty good preparation for hopefully being successful about the interview process.

Jim Holmen-INDIANA: In many respects the Consortium interview is going to be, with the exception of it not being school specific, no different than any other admission interview that you may encounter at any other school. And I would prepare for it the same way that you would prepare for a job interview: getting a sense of your accomplishments and your past experiences. Often the best preparation for an admissions interview is making good progress in your application for admission and your admission essays. Because often the interview provides you the opportunity to bring your application to life a bit and to help us better understand your career goals, your reasons for pursuing an MBA, and what you will be able to attribute to your MBA program, and the kind of accomplishments and the impact you've had on past organizations that you've been a part of.

Visit our website to view the full transcript or listen to the mp3 of the Q&A.

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