Knewton MBA Roundup: Cheaters Beware, Kellogg’s Growth, and INSEAD’s Future

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As you narrow your business school search, it's important to do your research in a well-rounded manner. B-school stats are important, but you should also check out more qualitative sources like alumni forums and admissions Q&A's to get a sense of what your target schools are actually like.

In this week's MBA roundup, we've included two interviews with b-school deans, and a pretty straightforward warning (don't cheat on the GMAT!).

1. GMAT Cheaters Beware

The GMAT score is an important aspect of your b-school application - but by no means should this be an excuse to cheat on the exam. After cracking down on cheating scandals in 2008, the GMAC has taken extensive measures to prevent students from gaining an unfair advantage on the test. Read more about it in this Businessweek article and learn whether or not these tactics actually raised test takers' scores.

2. Biz School Grads: Overeducated and Underfunded?

If you're applying to big name business schools, be prepared for potentially big tuition bills to pay. has more information.

3. On a Mission to Find an MBA Strategy

Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management has new leadership and new goals to expand and develop its b-school programs. If you're interested in applying to Kellogg this year or in the near future, be sure to check out this article in the Financial Times.

4. Dean Q&A: INSEAD's New Leader

Northwestern's former head, Dipak Jain, recently moved to become the new dean at INSEAD and discusses his plans for the school in this interview with Businessweek.

5. Pushback on a B-School's Bold Plan

More and more public university business schools, like UCLA, are aiming to become more "privatized" to have more freedom in determining tuition rates. Many school leaders see this as a step toward losing public school character. If you're planning on getting an MBA from a public university, read this article from Inside Higher Ed for more information on how it may affect you.

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