Manhattan GMAT arrives in France, India, China

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Long a bastion of high quality GMAT prep in the United States, Manhattan GMAT has begun to expand beyond that country’s borders. With its eight Strategy Guides shipping to all parts of the globe, Manhattan GMAT realized the call for more comprehensive prep worldwide and has scheduled classes to meet the demand of students across the world.

Though Manhattan GMAT already has classes in London ( ), they recently started offering classes in Paris as well, with the first class scheduled to begin on January 18 ( ).

Cognizant of the vast numbers of test-takers further East, Manhattan GMAT has also begun to address those students’ needs with an online class specifically scheduled at a convenient time for those in India ( ) and the Middle East ( ).

For those whose time zones make even the India class inconvenient, Manhattan GMAT is also offering a class specifically scheduled for students in China ( ), Taiwan ( ), Japan ( ), Korea ( ), Hong Kong ( ) and Singapore ( ).
For a full listing of locations for Manhattan GMAT, check .

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  1. Tvaillant December 31, 6:15 AM

    It’s geat!!!
    wait & see.

  2. gmatclub December 31, 12:58 PM

    I think it is a great opportunity for the India applicants – they now have access to the same high quality level of prep and no longer at a disadvantage!

    Good luck and happy 2011!