MBA Interview Tips from Someone Who’s Been There

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Jeremy C. Wilson, an MBA-JD student at Northwestern Kellogg, recently posted MBA interview tips on his blog in “Applicant Question: Tips for MBA Admissions Interviews.” They are worth checking out, especially since Round 2 interviews will be here before you know it.

His first two tips—he promises more in the next few weeks, so stay tuned—focus on the importance of interview research and on the benefits of emphasizing fit.

I could not agree more, but I would like to offer a few additional tips now and steer you towards a slightly more in-depth treatment of the topic,'s free MBA interview prep course. There I discuss my own additional tips, for example the importance of understanding the implications of different interview types. This understanding will help you establish the material (by way of experiences, stories, or application data) you'll want to bring up in your interview.

If it's a "blind" interview (that is, your interviewer hasn't reviewed your application), then the interview will be more general and conversational. If it's a non-blind interview (or "informed"), then the meeting will be more probing and focused. In the latter case, you'll need to prepare more new material, stories, and experiences that are not discussed in your application. You will also need to be ready to address any weaknesses or gaps in your application.

In either case (blind or informed), you should use the interview to discuss achievements and news that has occurred since you submitted your application.

Final point: As Jeremy writes, schools will admit qualified applicants who prove that they really want to be at that particular program and will thrive in that specific environment. Solid pre-interview introspection about how you will benefit from that program will help you express your unique fit with that program on the big day.

Thanks, Jeremy, and keep those tips coming! ~ Helping You Write Your Best

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