MBA Recruiting Expected to Pick Up in 2011

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An optimistic article in the International Business Times, "2011 is going to be a strong year for MBA recruiting," discusses the hopeful future of the MBA job market in the coming year.

"The economy may not have come out of the downturn entirely," says Rebecca Joffrey, Director of Career Education at Dartmouth Tuck, "But MBA talent is very much in demand; I think it's because companies realize that they have to grow their way out of the recession and MBA grads can really effectively help them do that."

Companies are ready to fill the employment gaps that they could not afford to fill in the last few years, Joffrey explains. The work is still there.

Joffrey continues to explain that corporate recruiters have had to shift their priorities because of the recession. A "global mindset" has become a more valued attribute, as has "commercial instinct."

Companies are changing the way they recruit (for many this means cutting back) in response to the recession, and schools must work to accommodate such changes. Joffrey describes the steps Tuck took in the last year to help graduates find jobs, including maintaining corporate relationships, encouraging alumni to interact with current students (assisting them in networking and the job search), and partnering with other schools to set up interview forums.

Current students and graduates must also shift their priorities in accordance with the changing economic landscape. Joffrey encourages her students to be open-minded about job opportunities—both in job scope and in location. "Don't just assume that the opportunities ahead are the same ones that were there before," she advises. "The playing field for the MBA degree is going to be very international in character in the times to come and students must be well-prepared." ~ Helping You Write Your Best

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