GMAT Question of the Day (Feb 22): Algebra and Critical Reasoning

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Math (PS)

If y(u - c) = 0 and j(u - k) = 0 , which of the following must be true, assuming c < k[/latex] ?  (A) [latex]yj < 0[/latex] (B) [latex]yj > 0
(C) yj = 0
(D) j = 0
(E) y = 0

OA and Explanation

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Verbal (CR)

George Bernard Shaw wrote: "That any sane nation, having observed that you could provide for the supply of bread by giving bakers a pecuniary interest in baking for you, should go on to give a surgeon a pecuniary interest in cutting off your leg is enough to make one despair of political humanity."

Shaw's statement would best serve as an illustration in an argument criticizing which of the following?

(A) Dentists who perform unnecessary dental work in order to earn a profit
(B) Doctors who increase their profits by specializing only in diseases that affect a large percentage of the population
(C) Grocers who raise the price of food in order to increase their profit margins
(D) Oil companies that decrease the price of their oil in order to increase their market share
(E) Bakers and surgeons who earn a profit by supplying other peoples' basic needs

OA and Explanation

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