Japan: Quake, Tsunami, and Tragedy

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Horrified, I have watched the scenes and read the news from Japan. As a longtime resident of Los Angeles who has experienced several serious earthquakes, but nothing approaching the devastation of Friday's quake and tsunami, I feel for the suffering, courageous people of Japan. I invite you to join my husband and me in contributing to relief efforts.

I thought of another small way I could possibly help through this blog. I have asked several top MBA programs with deadlines this week and next if they are making accommocations for Japanese applicants who might miss upcoming deadlines. Here are the responses I have received so far. I will add as I receive additional responses.

NYU Stern -- March 15 deadline

"As a school with long-standing ties to Japan through our alumni, students, faculty exchanges and our Stern U.S.- Japan Center, we are especially saddened by the devastation and loss of life from the earthquake.

"We always accept Full-time MBA applications beyond our March 15th deadline through June 1 on a space available basis and would certainly welcome any Japanese applications after March 15th."

UC Berkeley Haas -- March 16 deadline

"We did reach out to all of our applicants [in Japan] letting them know they can contact us with any questions and concerns ... we will make allowances on a case-by-case basis."

Yale SOM --March 17 deadline

"Yes, we are granting a one-week extension for all Round 3 candidates who are in Japan (whether Japanese citizens or otherwise)."

Cornell Johnson -- March 22 deadline

"We are extending the Round Four deadline to April 15 and Japanese candidates will still be eligible for scholarship if applying by that date."

By Linda Abraham, President and Founder of Accepted.com.

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