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If you don't like shameless plugs, read no further. On the other hand, if you want to see real feedback from real Accepted.com clients, this is the post for you.

One of the real perks of this work is receiving the emails from clients after acceptance. After weeks of working closely with our clients, my staff and I really do care about the outcome of each and every client's application. While I can't say we only hear good news, we do hear a lot more about acceptances than about rejections, and I would like to share a little of the feedback that has come in during the past couple of weeks.

Dear Judy,

I just wanted to reach out and thank you so much for your assistance with my business school essays. I am very happy to report that I was accepted to all four schools (Michigan, Columbia, Duke and Harvard). I also received a partial scholarship from Michigan and a full scholarship from Duke. I am in the process of choosing between Duke and Harvard and intend to visit both schools before I make my decision.

You help with the essays made a huge difference, both in the quality of my essays and the confidence that you instilled in my writing abilities. I am so grateful.

Here's another one:

Again, thank you and Natalie for all your guidance and support - I literally feel that it is not an applicant-consultant type of relationship but rather I have a family watching over me throughout this process.

Or this one:

I am now enrolled in the MIT Sloan Class of 2013!
Accepted.com is such a great program and Cindy is brilliant! I will be sure to recommend your services to any of my friends considering grad school.
Or this one:
Natalie i got the NYU acceptance over a week ago and i had forgotten to write to you about it. I again want to thank you for the hard work with me. As i mentioned i worked with two other people in this process and you were without a doubt the most helpful. I felt your strategy, analysis, and insight were the best. Again i just wanted to say thank you.
If you are interested in working with any of the experienced members of Accepted's team, please let us know.

By Linda Abraham, Accepted's founder and president.

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