GMAT Question of the Day (Jun 15): Arithmetic and Critical Reasoning

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Math (DS)

If x^3*y^4 = 2000, what is y?

1. x is an integer
2. y is an integer

OA and Explanation

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Verbal (CR)

Recent research has indicated that married people are not only happier than unmarried people, but also healthier. This study has been widely reported by the media, with most commentators concluding that being married is good for one’s health and attitude.

The conclusion of the media commentators depends on which of the following assumptions?

(A) The longer people are married, the happier and healthier they become.
(B) Married couples who had a large, extravagant wedding are happier than those who had a small, simple one.
(C) Married people cannot get depressed.
(D) Single people with depression or health problems are just as likely to get married as are other single people.
(E) Some marriages are more harmonious than others.

OA and Explanation

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