GMAT Question of the Day (Sep 15): Mixture Problem and Critical Reasoning

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Math (PS)

Some part of a 50% solution of acid was replaced with an equal amount of 30% solution of acid. If, as a result, 40% solution of acid was obtained, what part of the original solution was replaced?

(A) \frac{1}{5}
(B) \frac{1}{4}
(C) \frac{1}{2}
(D) \frac{3}{4}
(E) \frac{4}{5}

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Verbal (CR)

According to a recent research study, more than 90% percent of graduates of private high schools in a certain county continue their education in college. By contrast, only 65% of graduates of public high schools subsequently pursue college education. Therefore, if parents in the county wish to increase the likelihood that their children will attend college, they should send them to private rather than public schools.

Which of the following statements would most seriously weaken the argument above?

(A) Graduates of private schools typically score higher on standardized tests and other tests of academic achievement.
(B) While private schools are typically very expensive, attendance of public school is free for the residents of the county.
(C) In comparison with graduates of private schools, a substantially greater proportion of public school graduates receive need-based financial aid for their college education.
(D) In comparison with private schools, public schools provide more opportunities for student involvement in sports and other athletic activities, which almost always increase the likelihood of students’ acceptance to colleges.
(E) Since most public schools are located in rural areas of the county populated primarily by farmers, nearly 30% of students from public high schools choose to pursue farming occupations rather than apply to colleges.

Answers to the questions: C, E
For explanations please see these threads: math and verbal

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