GMAT Question of the Day (Sep 22): Arithmetic and Critical Reasoning

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Math (PS)

How many of the three-digit numbers are divisible by 7?

(A) 105
(B) 106
(C) 127
(D) 128
(E) 142

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Verbal (CR)

The restaurant business wastes more energy than any other industry in the United States. Nearly 80 percent of the $10 billion spent on energy by the restaurant industry each year is squandered by the use of inefficient equipment. At the same time, approximately 70 percent of restaurants in the United States are small businesses that are usually too cash poor to invest in energy-efficient technology.

Which of the following statements draws the most reliable conclusion from the information above

(A) The availability of energy-efficient equipment will reduce the energy costs of the restaurant industry by approximately 30 percent.
(B) No industry in the United States spends greater than $10 billion each year on energy.
(C) By using energy-efficient technology, a small restaurant will reduce its expenses by a greater percentage than will a large restaurant.
(D) Approximately $2 billion of the amount spent on energy each year by the restaurant industry is not squandered.
(E) The replacement of inefficient equipment represents the largest potential source of energy savings for the restaurant industry.

Answers to the questions: D, E
For explanations please see these threads: math and verbal

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