GMAT Question of the Day (Nov 15): Geometry and Critical Reasoning

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Math (DS)

If quadrilateral ABCD is inscribed into a circle, what is the value of \angle BAD ?

1. AC = CD
2. \angle ADC = 70^\circ

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Verbal (CR)

Mayor of Plainsville: In order to help the economy of Plainsville, I am using some of our tax revenues to help bring a major highway through the town and thereby attract new business to Plainsville.

Citizens’ group: You must have interests other than our economy in mind. If you were really interested in helping our economy, you would instead allocate the revenues to building a new business park, since it would bring in twice the business that your highway would.

The argument by the citizens’ group relies on which one of the following assumptions?

(A) Plainsville presently has no major highways running through it.
(B) The mayor accepts that a new business park would bring in more new business than would the new highway.
(C) The new highway would have no benefits for Plainsville other than attracting new business.
(D) The mayor is required to get approval for all tax revenue allocation plans from the city council.
(E) Plainsville’s economy will not be helped unless a new business park of the sort envisioned by the citizens’ group is built.

Answers to the questions: E, B
For explanations please see these threads: math and verbal

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