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Start Your GMAT Prep for Just $25!

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Veritas Prep is excited to announce the availability of our new GMAT on Demand app for the iPad, the first full GMAT course from an established GMAT prep company that can be completed on any iOS device! There is no shortage of flashcard apps and games for people who want to study for standardized tests on their mobile devices, but this is the first real, complete GMAT course for the iPad.  This  new app covers the same exact content that we cover in our 42-hour Veritas Prep on Demand self-paced online GMAT course.

The main app is free. Once you download that, you can download any of the 15 lessons (also called “modules”) for $24.99 each. Again, these are the same exact lessons that we cover in our full GMAT course, plus our introductory math refresher lesson:

  • Math Essentials
  • Arguments
  • Arithmetic
  • Critical Reasoning I
  • Critical Reasoning II
  • Algebra
  • Sentence Correction I
  • Sentence Correction II
  • Geometry
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Data sufficiency
  • Statistics and Problem Solving
  • Analytical Writing Assessment
  • Advanced Word Problems and Quantitative Review
  • Combinatorics and Probability

Once you download a lesson, you can watch in on your own pace. You can fast-forward, rewind, and watch lessons over and over, as much as you want. You can also bookmark specific parts of lessons to return to them later. We recommend viewing these on an iPad simply for the bigger screen, but you can use Veritas Prep GMAT on Demand on any iOS device, including iPhone and iPod Touch.

Download the Veritas Prep GMAT on Demand app from the iTunes App Store!