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Taking the GMAT is not an easy task. And when it comes to non-native English speakers, the task can seem monumental. With all the complexities of the GMAT verbal section, it's tough to navigate the land of booby traps.

But still, the GMAT verbal section is of utmost importance to your overall GMAT score, especially if you are shooting for the 700+ range. It's critical component of your GMAT strategy and failure to do so will yield in undesirable results.

Also, non-native English speakers tend to be strong in quant. With the new GMAT coming in June 5, 2012, it may be a good strategy to actually take the integrated reasoning section since it involves a bit more quantitative thinking. But you're still going to have to deal with the GMAT verbal section. Remember, you can take GMAT test dates whenever you want throughout the year. Of course t

Before you take the GMAT, you're going to need to understand what is the GMAT. You'll need to recognize that there are 3 verbal sections - sentence correction, critical reasoning, and reading comprehension. Of the three, the one that's most difficult to prepare for is the reading comprehension section.

A lot of prep companies recommend you read newspapers to practice. Yes, this is a good long term strategy. But realistically, your exam is coming up in a month or two and you need some more immediate practice. So don't sit there all day reading through newspapers. You may not even improve your comprehension. You'll just get more familiar with fancier words used in context, but that doesn't mean you'll be better able to answer questions on the GMAT reading comprehension section.

Improving on the GMAT exam is not easy as the students in the video above can say. But these students are also a testament to the power of positive thinking such that they were able to improve their GMAT score significantly - even when English was not their first language.

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