GMAT Blackout

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By Lucas Weingarten

GMAC has posted a FAQ page on their website regarding the upcoming Next Generation GMAT (which basically means the same ol’ GMAT with one less essay and one more section in its place).  For those who have no idea what I’m going on about, have a look at and my blog thread for a lot more info.

Among the list of Qs and As, one exchange reads thusly:

Q)    When is the last day I can take the current version of the GMAT exam?

A) June 2. The GMAT exam will not be offered June 3 and 4 while test centers prepare to administer the new exam.
That’s right, there’s gonna be a blackout!  As you may know, the Next GMAT Generation is going to be born on June 5th.  However, please be sure your birth plan includes June 2nd as the last possible Test Day, not June 5th.  Also, take a moment to think about how fast test centers are going to fill over the coming months and how extremely competitive those last seats on those last days will become very, very shortly.

Think forward, act now.  It is time to start prepping.

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