Meaning Change in SC

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As we transitioned from OG10 to OG13, it became increasingly difficult to solve questions by using shortcuts, pattern recognition, etc. and meaning became a critical mantra to solve Sentence Correction questions.  A particular variation that confounds students is the one in which there are more than one grammatically correct and logically sound answer choices.

Join us in this session – Meaning Change 1 - to learn how to tackle such questions. In this session, e-GMAT expert Payal Tandon will take a few official questions to demonstrate the strategies that GMAC uses to construct answer choices that may seem appealing because they are grammatically correct and convey a perfectly logical meaning.  But these are in fact incorrect because they tacitly change the intended meaning of the original sentence. She will then present how to use the e-GMAT 3-step process to solve these questions correctly.

Session date: June 16, 2012

Start time: 9:30 am PST/10:00 PM IST

How to enter: Click here to enter the meeting room. When prompted, select “enter as guest” and enter your name.

See you in session.

Rajat Sadana



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