MBA Admissions A-Z: Z is for ZZZZZZ – Don’t Put the Adcom to Sleep!

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Letter-ZYou want to create a compelling, memorable, colorful MBA essay. One that excites the adcom readers, not puts them to sleep. Use the following five MBA essay writing techniques to help you keep the adcom as far away from dreamland as possible:

  1. Start with a story or anecdote. Launching your essay with brief story or anecdote will do wonders to draw your readers in and propels them to read on. Never start an essay with something drab like, "I was born in a small town" or "My name is X" or "I want to go to Top B-School X because." These will make your readers snooze; and if they snooze, you'll certainly lose. Jumping right into a story is a much more engaging way to start.
  2. Don't rehash your resume. You may be tempted to talk about your extensive job history, but your essay is really not the spot for that; your MBA resume is. In general, don't waste precious essay space on material that's located elsewhere in your application. Use your essays to describe and analyze important activities, interests and events that you want the admissions committee to know about.
  3. Use fresh material for each essay. Choose different experiences to highlight in each of your application essays. Overlapping experiences are a) a waste of space and b) really boring.
  4. Let your personality shine. Take your warm and witty personality and infuse it into your essay. Your essay is your vehicle to introduce yourself to your readers. Make sure they're getting to know the very best of the authentic YOU possible.
  5. Use vivid language. Your essays should use sensory language that will transport your reader through your story. Use details that help your readers see, hear, smell, taste, or touch what you experienced.

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