Where Can I Apply with a 660 GMAT Score?

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Both in my online forums and in other exchanges with candidates, I am often asked the question, “I want to go to a Top-15 school; where might I gain admission if I only have a 660 GMAT score?” Fortunately or unfortunately, there is no stock answer that can possibly be an accurate answer for all candidates, because the answer depends on the specific credentials that a candidate has and how a 660 GMAT score factors in to their overall profile.

For example, if a candidate has a near-perfect GPA (say a 3.9 out of 4.0 at a very competitive college) and also has outstanding credentials in most other areas, such as professional success and success through meaningful extracurricular activities, the admissions committee might overlook the 660 GMAT score.  If a candidate is an under-represented profile in the admissions pool, the admissions committee may overlook the low GMAT score.  If a candidate is female, some Top-15 MBA programs might give her a pass because they do not get sufficient female applicants. If the candidate is highly qualified in most other ways, the school may feel the GMAT score should not stand in the way of admissions.

In general, a 660 GMAT score poses a problem in a quest for admission to Top-5 MBA programs, but if you have outstanding credentials in many other ways, at times it is quite possible to override a GMAT score in this range and to gain admission. I have seen top school such as Harvard, Columbia and Oxford admit candidates with relatively low GMAT scores – some as low as 580.  The determinants are all in the details of a particular candidacy.

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