Magoosh Introduces Free New GMAT Ebook

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magooshMagoosh has just published a new ebook, Magoosh's Complete Guide to the GMAT, containing a compilation of the best of the Magoosh GMAT blog. It includes:

  • An introduction to the format of the GMAT
  • General exam strategies (CAT, skipping, guessing, study strategies)
  • Overviews of each section (AWA, IR, Quant, Verbal)
  • Recommended strategies and practice questions
  • Links to all of Magoosh's study plans
  • 100+ pages!
  • FREE and available in PDF format

Here is an excerpt from the ebook:

Burning Questions

If you do not have a clear path to the solution, but are still flailing about after a couple of minutes, burn the question and move on. At this point, your nerves are going to make finding a solution very difficult.

On the other hand, if you worked your way to a solution and after two minutes it is not the right one, go back and check your steps. Very often one little arithmetic mistake can prevent you from getting the correct answer.

Finally, if you have a certain weakness and a difficult problem exploits it, you can save time by randomly guessing on the question. The logic is you are unlikely to get the correct answer even after a couple of minutes. Burning a question or two shouldn’t hurt you too much, and because you save time (and overwrought nerves), it can indeed help you.

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