Official Guide (OG13) #209-230 Video Explanations

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GMAT Pill just put up video explanations for Official Guide questions 209-230 to the Practice Pill Platform.

Through this link, you can:

1) Keep track of your OG performance online. Just enter in your answer and the system will record your responses. You can favorite them or come back later to visit the questions you got wrong.

2) View video explanations. First, try the question yourself. Then if you are stuck, click the video below each question to view the video explanation.

Each video displays hand drawn math and diagrams created directly by Zeke Lee, so you can feel confident you are learning from the best. The videos are divided in to 3 parts.

Video Part A) Answering the question in < 2 minutes - a look at what it's like to actually solve a GMAT in real time as if you were sitting next to Zeke Lee as he takes the GMAT exam. Video Part B) Thought Process and Concepts - detailed analysis of concepts that were tested and the appropriate thought process used Video Part C) Recap - a review of the question and general approach With this approach, you'll boost your understanding and retention of the math concepts up to 5 times faster than you would otherwise. Video and audio learning in small interval chunks is what makes GMAT Pill so effective. For more information, track your OG performance and view video explanations here.

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