Can Recommendations Be Submitted a Little Late?

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Some candidates ask whether they can submit their applications for a certain round even if their recommendations come in a day or two late. Here’s the answer: most schools will consider the application incomplete if everything is not submitted by a deadline, including the recommendations. If a recommendation is submitted even a few hours late, your application will likely bounce to the next round. During Round 2, that would not be great, because for the vast majority of schools, Round 3 is generally not a good time to apply. So approach your recommendation writers early enough to ensure the recommendations are submitted by the deadlines!

Good luck in the admissions process!
Dr. Shel (Shelly Watts)

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  1. kumud November 21, 12:21 PM

    Dear Sir, Requesting your suggestions- 1. when we are submitting recommendation do we need to submit it written in company heading letter pad.
    2. we required to submit those Recommendations after taking it from boss OR Boss need to submit directly.
    Thanking you ,