How to Stand Out When You Have The Same ‘Ol Story As Everyone Else

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Hi There!

Could the leaves changing color be any prettier?   Even though it’s not that cool yet in Los Angeles, my sweaters and fireplace are beckoning me.

At this time of year, I always find that I want to hunker down and really focus on my work. Despite the distractions of holiday parties and travel, I love the feeling of productivity.

Congratulations to any of you who have already turned in your applications!  Most of you are still tinkering, which is great. You’re right on track and completely on schedule.

But some of you are stuck.

You’re emailing and tweet’ing one very consistent question: How do you make yourself stand out when, on paper, you don’t sound that different than the rest of the applicant pool?  Like fingerprints, no two applicants are the same.

We greatly undervalue our uniqueness.  We shy away from what makes us stand out.

So how do you know what to include in your essays that will make you seem more interesting and more unique?

Tell your story.

How can you peel back the layers of your life so that a Dean of Admissions, reading hundreds of applications, will feel like he or she got to know you through your writing?

Rapper and music-mogul Jay-Z said it best, “Nobody built like you. You design yourself.”

Just reading that quote makes me feel inspired!

So make sure every word on your application is there to show the reader how you designed yourself.

For more on this and my Three Tips to help you set yourself apart on your business school applications, check out this month's video.

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