MBA Admissions: NYU Stern & Accounting

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NYU SternA quick glance at NYU Stern currently ranks in 11th place as one of the best business schools, according to US News & World Report (March 2012). It is ranked in 8th place for accounting.

Stern’s Class of 2014 and Accounting

3907 people applied to NYU Stern in 2012; the entering class size was 389. The average GMAT score was 720 and the class has an average undergraduate GPA of 3.51. The average number of years of work experience for the class of 2014 is 4.8 years.

26% of class of 2014 students have undergraduate degrees in business and commerce; 22% in economics; 21% in engineering, math, and science; 17% in social sciences; and 14% in humanities, arts, or other areas.

In terms of pre-MBA work experience, the largest group of students came from the financial services industry (at 23% of the class). This is followed by 11% in consulting and 10% in banking.

NYU Academics Related to Accounting

There are four phases to the Stern curriculum:

Phase 1: A 2-week orientation program called LAUNCH that introduces students to New York City and to b-school with tours, panel discussions, speakers, and other activities.

Phase 2: First year core classes. All students must take 2 required courses (Financial Accounting & Reporting and Statistics & Data Analysis) and choose 5 courses from the Menu Core (Firms & Markets, Foundations of Finance, The Global Economy, Leadership in Organizations, Marketing, Operations Management, and Strategy). Students can take electives in their first year. Students can obtain waivers for core classes if they have proficiency in the subject matter.

Phase 3: Summer Internship.

Phase 4: Second year core and elective courses. The core course for second year students is Professional Responsibility. Other than that, students take elective courses. Up to 5 of these courses may be taken at another NYU grad school.

Students graduate with an MBA in General Management and between 0-3 specializations. It is within these specializations that students will choose their elective courses. Students interested in accounting would probably specialize in Accounting and one or two other specialties related to finance (Finance, Banking, Corporate Finance, Financial Instruments and Markets, Financial Systems and Analytics, and Quantitative Finance).

Sample courses in the accounting specialty include:

  • Accounting for Mergers, Acquisitions and Related Matters
  • An Integrated Approach to Financial Statement Analysis
  • Auditing
  • Business Law for Managers
  • International Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis
  • Managing Investment Funds

You can view the complete list of Department of Accounting courses here.

Between semesters, students may study abroad by participating in the Doing Business in…(DBi) Program. There are also semester abroad programs, global courses (that include trips overseas), and International Club Treks. (More details on these global programs and others can be found here.)

NYU Stern Accounting Clubs, Events, and Research Centers

Accounting Hiring Stats at NYU Stern

There is no data specifically for full-time job industries or functions related to accounting, but the following charts show the breakdown in the related finance sector:

Industry Percent Base Salary Range ($)
Investment Banking 28 80,000-175,000
Diversified Financial Services 11 92,000 - 140,000
Investment Management / Hedge Fund 4 75,000 - 150,000
Private Equity / Venture Capital 3 N/A


Function Percent Base Salary Range ($)
Investment Banking 18 80,000-175,000
General / Corporate Finance 7 70,000 - 135,000
Sales / Trading 5 100,000 - 105,000
Investment Management 2 75,000 - 115,000
Private Banking / Private Client Services 2 100,000 - 125,000
Private Equity 2 N/A
Structured / Project Finance 1 N/A


For summer internships for the Class of 2012, 31% received jobs in the investment banking industry, 9% in diversified financial services, and 8% in “other” which includes accounting.

Top finance hirers include (an asterisk indicates that the company hired 3 or more students in 2011):

  • American Express*
  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch*
  • Barclays Capital*
  • Citi*
  • Credit Suisse*
  • Deutsche Bank*
  • Federal Reserve Bank of NY*
  • GE*
  • Goldman Sachs*
  • HSBC*
  • JPMorgan*
  • MetLife Investments
  • Morgan Stanley*
  • Nomura Securities*
  • RBC Capital Markets*
  • Standard & Poor’s
  • UBS*

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