Northwestern Kellogg MBA Admissions Committee Interview Available Online

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KelloggDo you want to learn what makes Northwestern Kellogg so great? We learned all about it (plus lots of other important info and tips) during our recent Kellogg Q&A. Read the excerpt below for more on this:

Linda Abraham: What distinguishes Kellogg from its tier 1 peers such as Harvard, Stanford, Wharton and Chicago?

Kate Smith: If you're looking at a top-tier program, you're going to have great options across the board, but what is really important for you to do your homework on is to understand where you think the program is going to best match your goals, needs, and who you are. I think at Kellogg what we pride ourselves on, and I truly feel is a very distinguishing feature for us is our focus on the student experience and that it is truly unmatched in our peer group. We have, historically, always been engaged on maximizing the experience for students. The way that that's evidenced is across the board we have–Dean Ziegler...and her job is solely focused on mapping the student experience and maximizing that, in partnership with our students.

One of the things that distinguishes Kellogg is we have a history and a culture of kind of what we call "co-creation" and collaboration at the core of what we do. So that co-creation with students is something where students here are involved in every facet of the direction of the Kellogg School. They are engaged with us in leadership positions, on our student leadership teams, in creating the conferences that we host annually, and inviting some of our prestigious alumni and business and thought and industry leaders. So the student experience is something that we are very focused on in terms of helping enable your personal development and growth.

The way that that manifests itself–another thing that I think is a distinguishing feature for Kellogg, is that culture is our strong suit. If you look at our students, they're known for being very grounded. They have a spirit of boldness, innovation, a passion for collaboration.

We have a history. We sort of put the idea of working in teams on the B-school map and the way that we approach that was that we identified that when you come into an MBA program, in one or two or three years, depending on which degree path you're pursuing–because we have a dual degree JD MBA program that you can complete in three years, but our full-time options of our one-year program or our two-year program–whichever pathway you choose, we want you to be equipped to go out and, basically, be ready to lead in whatever career pursuit that you are following. So what that represents is the ability to work with others in an environment where the experience that you have here is replicated as what you're going to experience out in the workplace. And I think that that's focused on team skills and collaboration in and outside the classroom is another distinguishing feature.

Another element that we are proud of is our global community and that we have a highly diverse international student body with powerful alums all over the world. Our network, our alumni network, is 54,000 strong and growing every year and, as I mentioned earlier, we have 48 countries represented in this year's class. I think those are some of the features of our program and sort of the cornerstone that I mentioned earlier is our academic faculty being world-renowned and best-in-class in many different areas of focus, so across our nonprofit sector, our public and private interface, obviously strategy. We're well known for marketing. We have exceptional finance professors. So across the board, I think those are some of the features that really set Kellogg apart.

Read through the full Q&A transcript or listen to the MP3 audio file and visit the Kellogg School of Management B-School Zone for more information on how to create a winning Kellogg application!

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