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Global BusinessThe most recent GMAC press release reveals how graduate management programs are becoming more diverse and more global, with more students from around the globe sending GMAT scores to more diverse parts of the world.

Here are the highlights from the GMAC’s The World, Asian, and European Geographic Trend Reports:

•  In the last year (2012), 831,337 scores were sent to 5,281 programs, up 21% from 2008 and a new record.
•  59% of total GMAT volume from 2011 to 2012 came from outside the U.S. That’s up 19% from the previous year.
•  29% of scores were sent to specialized MA programs, up 17% from 2008.
•  43% of exams were taken by women, a high for the third year in a row. The majority of test takers in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Russia, and Vietnam were women this past year.
•  47% of test takers were below age 25; in 2008 only 38% were in that age range.
•  98% of test scores sent to U.S. programs in 2012 came from U.S. test takers. 75% of the total scores worldwide were sent to U.S. programs.
•  20% of global test takers are Chinese, the largest citizen group after Americans. Chinese citizens took 58,196 GMAT exams in 2012.
•  The third largest citizen group is the Indian group that took 30,213 GMAT exams in 2012.
•  Europeans took 24,847 GMAT exams and sent more than 60% of scores to European programs.

In October we posted an article on GMAT volume in general (not diversity-related), which you should also take a look at.

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