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ColumbiaA quick glance at Columbia Business School: Columbia currently ranks in eighth place as one of the best business schools, according to US News & World Report (March 2012). It is known for having a particularly strong media and entertainment track.

Columbia's Class of 2014 and Media/Entertainment

5409 people applied to Columbia Business School; 741 applicants were accepted. The middle 80% of accepted students had GMAT scores in the 680-760 range. The Columbia Business School class of 2014 has an average of five years of work experience and the average age of incoming students is 28-years-old.

Undergraduate majors:

• Social Sciences – 31%
• Business – 30%
• Engineering – 12%
• Sciences – 8%
• Humanities – 8%
• Other – 7%
• Technology – 2%
• Arts – 2%

The greatest number of students entered CBS with industry experience in financial services (28%). 8% had prior experience in marketing/media.

CBS Academics Related to Media & Entertainment

Students are required to take two full core courses and 12 half-term core courses, three of which are chosen from the "flex-core" menu.

In 2013, the core requirements will change. Students will take one full and 10 half-term required core courses in their first year.

First Term Core Courses

• 2 Full courses: Corporate Finance and Financial Accounting.
• 3 Half-term courses: Global Economic Environment, Decision Models, Managing Marketing Programs
• 3 Flex-core classes, one from each category (see below)
• 6 Half-term courses: Managerial Statistics, Managerial Economics, Strategy Formulation, Marketing Strategy, Operations Management, Leadership Development. Second Term Core Courses
• 2 Electives.

“Flex-Core” Menu

Organization: Organizational Change, Power and Influence, Social Networks and Social Capital
Performance: Operations Strategy, Financial Planning and Analysis
Markets: Game Theory and Business, Global Economic Environment II: Business Cycles and Financial Markets, Incentives and Performance

Students who wish to pursue careers in the entertainment industry would select their first year electives and second year courses from the courses listed below.

Media & Entertainment Strategy: Analysis, Innovation & Implementation
Marketing Research
The Management and Economics of Professional Sports
The Media Industries: Public Policy and Business Strategy
Media and Information Management
Mergers and Acquisitions in Media (Master Class)
Communications, Internet, and Media (Master Class)
Business of Film (in Columbia’s Film School)
• Film Marketing & Distribution (Film School)
Law and the Music Industry (Law School)
• Media Law from Print to Digital (Law School)
• Digital Newsroom for Non-Concentrators (Journalism School)
• Making the Business of Journalism Work (Journalism School)
• Managing Broadcast Newsrooms in the Digital Age (Journalism School)
Social Impact of Mass Media (Journalism School)
• Cost and Effect of Digital Media Journalism (Journalism School)
• Digital Media Newsroom (Journalism School)
• Media and Economic Development (School of International & Public Affairs)
• New Media in Development Communication (School of International & Public Affairs)
Marketing the Arts, Culture, & Education
Digital Marketing: Strategy & Tactics
Media Marketing & Entrepreneurship
Internet Wars
The Future of Media
• The Role of the Producer (Film School)
• Law in the Internet Society (Law School)
• Law and Sports (Law School)
• Comparative Mass Media Law (Law School)
• Law, Media and Public Policy (Law School)

Columbia CaseWorks Cases that will be of interest to students pursuing careers in the entertainment/media sector include:

Hannah Montana and the Tour of Doom (Professor Costis Maglaras)
Foxconn versus BYD: Commercial Espionage or Learning by Hiring? (Professor Shang-Jin Wei)
Four Princesses, Meet the Fantastic Four: Disney's 2009 Acquisition of Marvel (Professor Laurie Hodrick)
Cheyef Halak: Driving Social Change in Lebanon
Betterment (Professor Stephen Zeldes)

(See full list here.)

Entertainment/Media Research Centers & Conferences at Columbia Business School

The Behavioral Research Lab
The Columbia Institute for Tele-Information (CITI)
Marketing Association of Columbia Conference
Media Management Association Conference
Media Forum
Brite Conference

CBS Entertainment/Media/Technology-Related Clubs

Marketing Association of Columbia
Arts and Culture Club
Media Management Association
• Sports Business Association
CBS Telecom Club (WIRE)
Urban Arts Club

Media/Technology Hiring Stats at Columbia Business School

In 2012, 7% of CBS graduates accepted full-time job offers in the media industry and 7% in the technology industry.

Industry Percent Base Yearly Salary Range ($)
Entertainment (Film/Music/TV/Sports/Publishing <1% 80,000 – 106,000
Technology (Internet/E-Commerce) 4.9% 55,000 – 148,000
Technology (Software/Telecom) 1.9%

80,000 – 125,000

Other <1% 87,000 – 108,000

For 2012 summer internships (for the class of 2013), the hiring stats are as follows:

Industry Percent Base Monthly Salary Range ($)
Entertainment (Film/Music/TV/Sports/Publishing 2.4% 3,200 – 6,400
Internet/E-Commerce 5.5% 1,000 – 8,000
Software/Telecom 3.7% 1,600 – 9,250
Other <1% 4,000 – 6,880


See a list of CBS employers here.

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