The Nebulous GMAT: A Beginner’s Guide

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Ah! If you’re here then you’ve got one thing on your mind: the GMAT. Ah again! If you’re like most test takers the road to a good GMAT score is long and arduous one. You neophytes out there are left in a haze of questions the moment you decide that this is the path you want to take. First off, there’s always the basics. You come here and other GMAT forums searching for the hard-to-answer questions like how hard the GMAT is or how to study GMAT math (where do you even begin?!)

Then it hits you - this test is almost gaseous it’s so nebulous. You don’t know where to begin. Verbal side or quantitative side? Integrated what? Even the best GMAT books out there have a tendency to leave studious test takers scratching fiercely at dandruffed scalps. GMAT vocabulary? What’s that? The freaking out has only just begun. You’ll creep on the boards here for a while. That’s normal. You’ve got to get comfortable in this new space.

Eventually you find a decent study schedule and wade through a mountain of GMAT book reviews and set sail on your course to higher scores. Everything’s great! You’re a regular here on the GMAT Club forums. You’re dropping kudos like they’re hot (and they are). Before you know it, you’re schooling all the GMAT tyros out there on what they should be studying come test day. “I’ve got some data sufficiency tips for you, DesperateGMATer13!” you’ll say. Then you’ll unload all of your fresh knowledge on the poor poster. Kudos will be yours.

Unfortunately there’s only one small problem. You haven’t even taken the test yet! You got so caught up in learning the material for the test, you forgot about the actual test itself! You crack open your guide to that first section you scoffed at when first started your journey. You realize just how long the GMAT is and you nearly faint. Those dandruff flakes are falling again as you tear your hair out over the realization that this test is computer adaptive and is going to try to outsmart your smartypants.

But don’t worry, you’ll survive, young one. Perhaps slightly greyer than when you started, but that’s half the fun!

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