GMAT Question of the Day (Apr 24): Overlapping Sets and Critical Reasoning

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Math (DS)

In a certain office 25% of the computers are equipped with built-in modems and infra-red ports. What percentage of the computers are not equipped with either of these devices?

1. Half of the computers that are equipped with built-in modems do not have infra-red ports
2. 35% of all computers are equipped with infra-red ports but do not have built-in modems

Question Discussion & Explanation
Correct Answer - C - (click and drag your mouse to see the answer)

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Verbal (CR)

According to a review of 38 studies of patients suffering from water retention, a large majority of the patients reported that fasting eased their suffering considerably. Yet fasting is not used to treat water retention even though the conventional medications often has serious side effects.

Which of the following, if true, best explains the fact that fasting is not used as a treatment for water retention?

(A) For a small percentage of patients with water retention, fasting induces a temporary sense of nausea
(B) Getting patients with water retention to fast regularly is more difficult than getting healthy patients to do so.
(C) Fasting regularly over a long period of time can lead to temporary impairment of balance comparable to that induced by consuming several ounces of alcohol.
(D) The dramatic shifts in water retention connected with fasting have not been traced to particular changes in brain chemistry.
(E) The water retention returns in full force as soon as the fast is broken by even a small meal.

Question Discussion & Explanation
Correct Answer - E - (click and drag your mouse to see the answer)

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