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What is Edvento?

Edvento is a socially adaptive learning tool that offers 1000+ questions, curated adaptive quizzes, and accurate score prediction to help GMAT test takers ace the exam. Edvento offers a very generous free trial. Here are a few features of Edvento’s offering:

Large Question Repository



Edvento has a large question repository that contains over 600 Verbal questions and 400 quant questions. This repository is divided into mock tests, verbal tests, drills, and mini tests. The entire offering contains 36 entities. Every drill, test, etc. is adaptive and draws from a large question bank to ensure that you do not get any question twice. Every question comes with a detailed solution. In addition, they offer great support.




Curated AssessmentsEdvento2

Edvento takes the guesswork out of your practice. Every quiz, mini test, verbal test is adaptive, implying that you don’t have to worry about selecting the difficulty level. Also, at the end of every quiz the system gives you a score prediction that allows you to assess your improvement as you go from one quiz to the other. In addition, every question is tagged, and your time to answer is recorded. Furthermore, for each question, you can compare your performance with your peers.



Performance Prediction



Start with quizzes for SC, CR, and RC and then progress to mini Verbal tests, and then finally to full length mock tests. Whether you are just focusing on Sentence Correction or assessing your performance on GMAT Verbal, Edvento allows you to compare yourself against your peers. Since every aspirant takes the same quizzes, and since the quizzes are adaptive, you can be rest assured of the end assessment. The good news – the system will only get better with the increasing number of attempts by the students. Throughout your preparation, Edvento provides you feedback and helps you focus on areas that will benefit you the most.





Edvento employs in-house experts who respond to your queries – whether technical or subject matter related – within 24 hours.

Continuous Improvement

Edvento is a growing company that will continue to invest in its products and platform. More questions and features will be added to the platform in the coming months. Stay tuned.



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