Process – the key to success

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Process - The Key to Success

Many of you are appearing for the GMAT right now. Here are some tips by successful eGMATers:

Process leads to 80%+ accuracy

Verbal Live Prep student, Pooja Jolie recommends that to succeed on GMAT Verbal everyone should build a process that provides 80% accuracy. Pooja improved by an impressive 19 points (V23 to V42),  scoring 740 (Q48, V42) on Verbal. Click here to read her debrief.

Nishant Sahani, SC student, believes that a strong approach leaves very little room for errors, thus improving accuracy. Nishant improved from V28 to V34 in 10 days. Click here to read his debrief.

Our research has shown that doing both concepts and process in conjunction leads to high accuracy levels (80%+) for most people.

Proper timing can increase your score by  50 points

Manish Mehta, a Verbal Live Prep student who scored 740, says that timing can make or break your GMAT. He adhered to strict timing strategy, answering the first 10 questions in 20 minutes and skipping 1 question in the next 10 and so on. Click here to learn more about his timing strategy.

Similarly, Ram (760) states that there is no need to answer every question correctly to ace the GMAT.  He could score 49 in Quant with ~10 questions incorrect. According to him " When you know that you only need to get ~27 questions correct, you can focus your energy on fewer questions. Believe me – it helps."




Conceptual Clarity - approach questions methodically

Manish Mehta (740) emphasizes on the importance of revising mistakes and spending time to understand why he made a mistake. This focus gave him confidence that translated to success on the exam. Click here to read his debrief.

Similarly, Arun Goenka (760, V41) used a similar approach to target 100% accuracy in SC to ace GMAT Verbal. He provides an excellent reference document at the end of his debrief.




                                                   Good Execution - Putting everything together

e-GMAT student Sumeet Arora scored 720 (Q48, V41), raking up an impressive 93 percentile on Verbal. Click here to read his short and precise debrief. Sumeet did many things right- here are a few that I would like to highlight.

1. Prepared for GMAT Verbal in 2 stages, focusing exclusively on SC, CR, RC in time slots of 15 days.

2. Laid emphasis on accuracy while ensuring that he selects the answer for the right reasons.

3. Spent a good amount of time analyzing his mistakes on mocks.


Examples of 10+ point score improvement(s)

  1. Vinayak improved his score from 640 to 750.
  2. Thermacin improved his verbal score from V27 (45 percentile) to V41 (92 percentile) to score 750.
  3. Verbal Live Prep customer Vijay improved his verbal score from V23 to V39, scoring an impressive 710.


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