From Luxury Marketing to Entrepreneurship: A Talk with Daria Burke

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DariaBurkeHow does someone with a degree in English end up pursuing an MBA at NYU Stern? Why attend a program famous for its ties to Wall St. when you’re interested in marketing? And why abandon the glamorous world of beauty and luxury marketing for the world of start-ups and social enterprise?

Listen to the full recording of our interview with Daria Burke, NYU Stern MBA, entrepreneur, founder of Black MBA Women, and former director of Makeup Marketing for Estee Lauder (there is even more, btw).

00:01:35 – Meet the multi-faceted & multi talented Daria Burke.

00:02:25 – Quite the career change: Professional services to luxury goods and beauty.

00:04:04 – Why NYU Stern? The advantages of studying luxury goods marketing at a school with a reputation for finance.

00:07:52 – Great tips for applicants interested in careers in the beauty and luxury industries. And yes, image is important.

00:12:43 – Entrepreneurs, listen up: Risk assessment, risk tolerance, and how b-school really can help you.

00:16:10 – How Black MBA Women came to be (answer: by mistake).

00:22:55 – Get involved in a network, and take a leadership role. Here’s why.

00:28:45 – “I Can Have it All.” Daria's position on the "mommy wars."

00:34:31 – Does an MBA pay off? (Controversial statement alert).

00:38:37 – Tips for researching and applying to business school.

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