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MBAGirlJourneyWe’d like to introduce you to MBAGirlJourney, an anonymous MBA applicant who has a positive approach to the MBA admissions process – she is eagerly learning new things about herself as the admissions process unfolds and is happily sharing those things with others. You can read more about MBAGirlJourney on her blog MBAGIRLJOURNEY. Thank you MBAGirlJourney for sharing your admissions experience with us, and best of luck to you!

Accepted: First, let's cover some basics, Where are you from? What and where did you study as an undergrad? Where do you currently live and work?

MBAGirlJourney: I grew up in Pennsylvania, about an hour west of Philadelphia. I studied Finance and International Business at a large public university in Philadelphia. I currently live and work in the Philly area.

Accepted: What stage of the application process are you up to?

MBAGirlJourney: I am working on my Round 1 applications for my top 3 schools. I am keeping my 2 other schools for Round 2. I am on drafts 3-5 for all of my essays except for Harvard, which I only just completed my first draft. I have revised my resume several times as well and I think I am now fairly happy with it.

Accepted: What has been the most challenging aspect of the admissions process so far? How have you approached that challenge?

MBAGirlJourney: I think the hardest part of the application process is the uncertainty of the outcome. You really start to second guess yourself. Some days, I feel very optimistic about my chances and other days I get very unsure whether any of my applications will be successful. I am someone who is pretty detailed and likes to plan; not knowing is hard for me. I try to stay optimistic and do whatever I can to put together the best applications possible. I talk to a lot of people about my applications and my approach, including people who have been through the process and are going through the process.

Accepted: Which b-schools are you applying to? Which is your top choice program? Why?

MBAGirlJourney: I am applying to Harvard, Columbia, Wharton, Booth and Yale. Harvard is my top choice…because it is everyone's top choice! Seriously though, I really like how the classes are very interactive and you always have to be mentally on your toes. I also think their new Field Method is really interesting and it is something I want to be a part of. Their career opportunities are great also.

Accepted: Do you plan on applying to any safety schools?

MBAGirlJourney: I wouldn't consider my Round 2 schools (Booth and Yale) safety schools, but I think the bar for admission is a little lower there. They are still two great schools and I would be lucky to attend either. My feeling on it is, if I can't get into any of the full time programs I am really passionate about then maybe a part-time MBA makes more sense for me. I really like my job and I am not making a drastic career switch, so it wouldn't be the end of the world if I got dinged from all 5 schools, although I am sure it would feel like the end of the world for a little while...

Accepted: Will you be applying for financial aid?

MBAGirlJourney: Yes, definitely.

Accepted: Have you already begun exploring financing options?

MBAGirlJourney: Yes, it will be some combination of personal savings, investments and of course, loans. Lots of loans.

Accepted: Do you have any tips for our applicants?

MBAGirlJourney: As soon as you decide an MBA is probably for you, start saving. Also, take the GMAT early so that when applications go live you can concentrate on them, instead of concentrating on studying for your GMAT.

Accepted: Have you learned anything new about yourself during the MBA admissions process?

MBAGirlJourney: I have learned a lot about myself during the admissions process. I think sometimes I minimize some of my accomplishments when I talk about them. Having to write about them and really reflect on them has made me feel incredibly lucky that I have had the experiences and opportunities I have had.

Accepted: Can you tell us more about your blog? Who is it aimed towards? What do you hope to gain from blogging?

MBAGirlJourney: My blog is for anyone who is going through the application process or is thinking about the application process. I started it to help me keep my thoughts from swirling around my head and to help me really think through and analyze getting my MBA. Also, I am a big proponent of writing goals down, and putting my goals related to the MBA application process out there for anyone to see was a big step for me.

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