Announcing GMAT Pill Price Increase on October 10, 2013

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In case you haven't heard already from our earlier post here - prices will be increasing @ midnight October 10, 2013.


The price of GMAT PILL's Full Course Package has been $357 since 2 years ago.

Back then, we were already the top-rated online video course and had solid testimonials including:

- 1) non-native getting OFF the waitlist and scoring a $50,000 MBA Scholarship after improving from 690 to 760
- 2) Kelvin's controversial 780 (Q51, V46) with estimated 20-25 minutes left on the clock
- 3) John's 760 (Q49, V46) also with 25 minutes left on the clock
- 4) many more...

Back Then - GMATPILLers Did NOT Have All These:

But back then at the $357 price point, these students did NOT have access to the plethora of upgrades we've provided so far without increasing the price:

1) GMAT Pill HD iPad app

- Now students have access to our FREE iPad app:

2) GMAT Pill iPhone App
- Now students have access to our FREE iPhone app:

3) GMAT Pill Android App
- Now students have access to our FREE Android app

4) Practice Pill Platform

- Now students have access to our Practice Pill Platform - an online Q&A tracking tool complete with detailed video explanations showcasing our unique "Speed Learning" techniques.

Zoom in (real dimensions: 954 x 413)Image

5) Full-Length Practice Test
- Now students have access to our full-length Practice Test complete with performance and timing analytics.

Zoom in (real dimensions: 958 x 650)Image

6) OG13 Online Tracker + Video Explanations

- Now students can track their OG studying with our online OG13 Tracker and view easy-to-understand GMAT PILL video explanations.


7) Integrated Reasoning Questions + Video Explanations

- Now students have the BEST resource for Integrated Reasoning on the web - complete with video explanations for every single question (100+)--each with multiple parts.

Zoom in (real dimensions: 895 x 515)Image

8) Course Pill Massive Upgrades / Additions / Clarifications

- Now students have access to MASSIVE additions/clarifications and upgrades each of our PILLS - particularly in Critical Reasoning/Sentence Correction and Problem Solving.

9) Reliable Server

- Now students have access to a RELIABLE server. That's right - we the server now is much more reliable than it was in the past. Our costs did go up significantly for this to happen - but we needed better servers to service the many of you who are you taking timed full-length GMAT CAT tests on our site.

With All These Upgrades, It's No Surprise That Students Continue to Ace the GMAT

Caucasian from London Scores 770 (Q48, V48) + Official Score Report

GMAT 730 (Q50, V39) from ESL Student in China [Official Score Report]

Caucasian Jumps From 650 to 760

Asian American Energy Consultant Scores 740

McKinsey Consultant Discovers GMAT Pill

Bain & Company Consultants Hit 99th %ile with GMAT PILL

Oxford MBA's GMAT Struggles

Former MGMAT Student Discovers GMAT Pill, Gets Into HBS

GMAT Pill Student Gets Into Wharton

670 to 730: 60 Pt Improvement by Econ Major

Finally 710 - After 4 GMAT Attempts by Indian Candidate

Indian Mother (710) - From Rocking Babies to Rocking the GMAT

770 and a $93k MBA Scholarship to London Business School

How is it Possible that the Top-Rated Course was Priced So Low?

Well, partly it's been a mistake. Because the best should be priced the highest, right?

We wanted to help as many people as possible and were adamant about keeping the price as low as we can.

But unfortunately, we can't do that anymore.

Our New Discounted Pricing With GMATCLUB

In order for us to continue to improve our service and to respect the value of what we provide, we must raise the price.

And honestly, the price increase really should be significantly more than the amount we will be raising.

But because it is partly our mission to provide high quality test prep material to the world and help level the playing field in MBA admissions - we will only be increasing the discounted GMATCLUB price from $357 to $397 - just a $40 increase for all the additional benefits shown above.

That's right - just a $40 increase (for now). The price change will be in effect after midnight 12am EST on October 10, 2013.

So go get GMAT PILL now!! --before we change our mind and increase it further!

And remember - you also get access to GMATClub tests simply by filling out this form after you purchase GMAT PILL.

You can learn more about how we are different here.

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