Healthcare Management at Wharton and at Large

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June-KinneyHealthcare related opportunities for MBA graduates are on the rise, and the Health Care Management Program is at the cutting edge of preparing students to enter this exciting and dynamic field.

Listen to the full recording of our podcast interview with June Kinney to learn more about healthcare management’s past, present, and future.

June is the Associate Director of the Wharton Health Care Management Program and the namesake and inaugural recipient of the June Kinney Achievement Award for "outstanding service in advancing health care-related education, research and practice at the University of Pennsylvania.” Yup, she’s a cool guest to have on our show.

00:02:08 – Meet June Kinney.

00:03:08 – The scoop about the Wharton Health Care Management Program.

00:06:58 – The common thread that unifies the very diverse student body of the Healthcare Management Program. (And it isn’t a background in healthcare).

00:11:27 – What do graduates do when they grow up?

00:12:41 – Effects of the Affordable Care Act on the program and the curriculum.

00:16:42 – The difference between the Healthcare Management Program and a Masters of Public Health Program.

00:19:16 – What are the big issues: How to prepare people for involvement in a rapidly changing field.

00:23:44 – Upcoming changes we can expect to see in the Healthcare Management Program.

00:25:33 – Important tips for future and current applicants. Take notes.

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