The University of Texas: A Lone Star Education at McCombs School of Business

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The University of Texas: A Lone Star Education at McCombs School of Business

University of Texas at Austin

Everything is big in Texas, including the University of Texas at Austin and the McCombs School of Business. Big resources, big options, and a big future await you there, so read on ahead and learn about the school that might just be your future home for the next few years.

Fast Facts

  • The Class of 2014 has 235 students.
  • Specialties include accounting, entrepreneurship, information systems, finance, marketing, part-time MBA, and production/operations programs.
  • Tuition comes to $33,298 per year for in-state students and $48,832 for out-of-state and international students.
  • The mean base salary for the MBA Class of 2012 was $105,112.
  • 93% of 2010 graduates had job offers within three months of graduating.
  • The most popular industry was consulting for the Class of 2012.
  • The average GPA and GMAT scores were 3.43 and 693, respectively.

Stretching is Important

Why do people love buffets? It's because of the options, the freedom. You want to put chocolate pudding on your pizza, go for it. Who's going to judge you? That guy pouring gravy on his cake? No chance. But variety and flexibility is why people love McCombs so much. There are over 20 areas of concentration alongside dual degree options and external courses you can take for elective credit, and you get to pick and choose how and when you want to take them. And when you finally decide to get to the meat of your MBA, you'll have a faculty full of nationally recognized professionals backing you up every step of the way. It's almost as beautiful as being able to dip French fries in your yogurt.

Ambling Around Austin

Austin is a huge city, so of course you're going to have plenty to do. Take for example Cain and Abel's, a local watering hole that's been around for over a decade, where you can sip a reasonably priced drink while playing pool or watching the game on the giant projector screen. Or check out Elysium for nightly themes, guest DJ's, and excellent drink specials. It was also voted best dance club between 2003 and 2008 in the Austin Chronicle Reader's poll. But if you get hungry for some food-on-the-range, stop by Posse East and order yourself a big old Sheriff Sandwich or a Posse Portobello.

Austin has a bevy of museums for you to indulge in. The Austin Fire Museum, the Blanton Museum of Art, the Harry Ransom Center, Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording, the Pump Project, the Williamson Museum, the Visual Arts center-all of these and more are peppered around all corners of the city. Austin is also non-commercialized, which means that one of the first things you notice is how drastically mom-and-pop shops outnumber big business, which is quite refreshing.

A University Campus

McCombs School of Business is part of the University of Texas, which means you get to enjoy a small school experience on a large school campus. Austin averages temperatures below 45 degrees only 88 days of the year, and very rarely does it dip below freezing. Ice storms happen every few years, and snow is almost nonexistent, although in 1985 a 3-inch snowfall brought the city to a near standstill. But if the persistently warm weather gets on your nerves, you can hide out in any of the air conditioned, Tuscan-styled buildings. There are several fitness centers around campus, like the Recreational Sports Center, the Indoor Practice Facility, and Athletic Fields Pavilion, as well as a few fine art centers like the Art Building and Museum and the E. William Doty Fine Arts Building.

Servicing Your Career

The vast alumni network at McCombs is where your career management program starts. This network as well as McCombs innumerable corporate connections plants your roots in the professional world before you even step through the University of Texas threshold. But it doesn't end there; once you get settled in you are started on a personalized career management program, which includes all the workshops, resume critiques, and mock interviews you could ask for.

Business can get stressful, but the sunny weather and comforting aesthetic of Austin and the University of Texas makes things a little easier on you. That, combined with the resources of the University of Texas makes McCombs a candidate you should keep your eyes on.

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