Hass School of Business: Innovation in Berkeley

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Hass School of Business: Innovation in Berkeley

The Hass School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, is a leading MBA program with a focus on innovation and new ideas. As the second-oldest business school in the country, the Hass School prides itself on small classes, selectivity and training responsible business leaders

Hass by the Numbers

  • The Hass School of Business enrolls about 1600 graduate students, with 500 of these in the full-time MBA program.
  • Berkeley's Hass School is known for producing innovative leaders in industries like high-tech.
  • Tuition and fees for California residents total $56,339 per year, and $58,284 for non-residents.
  • The average starting salary is $116,046.
  • About 96% of students are employed within 3 months of graduation.
  • About a third of graduates work in technology, and about a quarter work in consulting.
  • The average GPA of accepted students is 3.61, with an average GMAT score of 718.

Berkeley Culture

Students say the Hass School of Business is a business school with an atypical culture. Students are not competitive, but are supportive and intellectual. The school offers excellent "alternative" business courses in sustainability, engineering and non-profit management, so the school attracts a diverse crowd.

Bay Area Life

Like Berkeley in general, Hass has a social atmosphere. While students work hard, they spend time enjoying the city of Berkeley. During down time, Hass School students have no qualms about relaxing around campus.

Because campus is so friendly and collaborative, students get together frequently. The Berkeley experience is very social, so students frequently meet each other at places like the Fifo Cafe, located right on campus. Prices are average for a campus dining location, but the convenience is key. Students often meet for a quick lunch – or a delicious chocolate banana bread.

For other quirky dining experiences, students frequently meet at Top Dog, a hot dog establishment near Hass. Gourmet hot dogs like Chicken Apple, the Garlic Dog and the Louisiana Hot Link are all popular. The menu is seemingly endless, so students are sure to find something they love.

For a more upscale dining experience, possibly with drinks, Telegraph Ave. has many options. Kiraku offers great Japanese, while Pasta Bene offers crowd-pleasing Italian. For lovers of South Asian cuisine who need a hit of naan, Mount Everest is the area's premier Indian restaurant.

Hass School of Business Campus

Unlike most b-schools, the Hass School occupies its own mini-campus, not just a building. Students say Hass' courtyard and complex is one of the most "Ivy League-esque" at Berkeley. To make use of the beautiful grounds, Hass students are always found studying or socializing in the courtyards. Additionally, a current expansion is being planned, which would connect it more closely with the Berkeley Law School.

Weather in Berkeley is temperate, and comfortable. Through the year, January's highs are around 60 degrees, while August's are around 75. The weather never really gets cold, but it never really gets uncomfortably warm either. It's a happy medium. For precipitation, expect more in the winter months, when you'll likely need a raincoat, and shouldn't expect to see the sun very often.

Careers on the West Coast

First, like Berkeley in general, many students at the Hass School of Business work on the West Coast after graduation. Typically, over 60% of a graduating class works in Northern California after graduation. Berkeley feeds heavily in San Francisco and the cities of the West Coast.

That being said, Hass has a global presence, and students hoping to work elsewhere will have no problems securing employment. To assist with more standard employment channels – technology, consulting, Bay Area-employers – Hass has employers recruiting right on campus. The school recognizes that not all of its students prefer this route. The Career Management Group helps facilitate "non-traditional" job searches. The group functions as a sort of research staff to find the connections and opportunities that suit your desires.

To help with employment-seeking logistics, the Career Management Group offers an extensive list of services. These include direct information from top employers like JP Morgan about interview techniques. Rather than get this information from a third party, Hass gets it right from the source. Hass also offers a Career Management Seminar through a four-part series to coach students on all aspects of the job search.

If an innovative environment in the fun and academic town of Berkeley is what you're looking for in b-school, then the Hass School of Business might be right for you. As a premier program, the investment is sure to pay off.

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