Making the Most Out of MBA Round Two

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Round Two is coming. Do yourself a favor and step away from the essays for a hot minute.

That’s right. Put them down. Now step away. Slowly…slowly…good.

Now is NOT the time to:

  1. Buy yourself a thousand bucks worth of lavender essential oils from Amazon in an attempt to de-stress

  2. Stress-eat a jumbo bag of dark chocolate M&M’s and justify it by going for a 10 mile run in the snow

  3. Attempt to make the perfect soft-boiled egg

  4. Carve your own Ron Swanson rocking chair

  5. Learn to frolf

  6. Make a “round two jams” playlist on iTunes (but if you do, make sure this one’s on there)

  7. Lose yourself in cat videos on YouTube

Whether you’re applying to Haas, Harvard, Kellogg, Cornell, Stanford, or a b-school on Mars, now IS the time to:

Watch this awesome video by Admissionado founder Jon Frank, Making the Most Out of Round Two. Because this, folks, is only gonna help you get where you want to go. Which is to b-school, of course.

Now that you’re that much smarter, go check out THE MBA ESSAY WRITING GUIDE, and get back to your round two essays!

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