GMAT Problem Solving Practice

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GMAT Problem Solving Practice

It's time again for some GMAT practice. Hey, I know you're gearing up for a weekend of football and snacks, but why not set aside a few minutes to try this practice problem before you put on your beer hat? Here, I'll even give you some hints to help you out...

When you encounter a word problem that you need to solve algebraically, write out your equations first, then solve.  Then, when you get the solution, make sure that you are answering the question being asked.

GMAT Problem Solving Practice

A theater charges $12 for seats in the orchestra and $8 for seats in the balcony.  On a certain night, a total of 350 tickets were sold for a total cost of $3,320.  How many more tickets were sold that night for seats in the balcony than for seats in the orchestra?

  • (A) 90
  • (B) 110
  • (C) 120
  • (D) 130
  • (E) 220

Share your answer in the comments, and we'll post a full answer explanation on Monday. Happy practicing, and have a great weekend!

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  1. Jiawei Li February 2, 10:34 AM

    A. x+y=350…1; 12x+8y=3320…2

  2. jerb February 3, 2:57 AM