GMAT Study Tip: Try Coffivity

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GMAT Study Tip: Try Coffivity

I've got a quick GMAT study tip for you today. We tell our students to think critically and strategically when approaching problems on the GMAT. So, for those of you who need a cognitive boost or who like a little ambient noise while you’re studying, I found a helpful little website with associated apps. It’s called Coffivity.

According to the site,

"Research shows it's pretty hard to be creative in a quiet space. And a loud workplace can be frustrating and distracting. But, the mix of calm and commotion in an environment like a coffee house is proven to be just what you need to get those creative juices flowing. Our team has delivered the vibe of a coffee shop right to your desktop, which means when your workspace just isn't quite cutting it, we've got you covered. Coffitivity. Enough noise to work." (Read the research here:

The site has links to Android, iPhone, and iPad apps as well as a Mac Desktop app.

My favorite thing about Coffivity is that you can choose among different ambient coffee shop sounds, including Morning Murmur, Lunchtime Lounge, and University Undertones. Delicious double espresso aroma is not included.

I’ve been using this for background sound when music is too distracting and silence feels strange, and it’s just right, so I wanted to share it with you all so that you can give it a try next time you’re plowing through GMAT practice problems  and need a change of pace.

Have any strategies that you use to help make your GMAT studying easier, more productive, or more comfortable? Share them with us in the comments!

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