New Experiential Learning Courses at Haas

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New Experiential Learning Courses at Haas

In 2013, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business added several new courses to fulfill the Berkeley Innovative Leadership Development, or experiential learning portion of the program, as well as several additional electives. Courses were added both to the curriculum of full-time MBA program, as well as part-time evening and weekend MBA programs.

Three courses have been added to the full-time MBA program that can fulfill the experiential learning requirement of the curriculum. Advertising Strategy will be taught by Assistant Professor Clayton Critcher, teaming students up with partner companies to develop a comprehensive marketing communications plan to be presented to company representatives at the end of the semester. The second course, Lead LaunchPad, propels students out of the classroom and into the real world, immersing students in the lives of potential customers to decipher their needs and wants as they try to develop their business ideas into dynamic companies. The final experiential learning course is Design and Development of Web-Based Products and Services, taught by visiting Assistant Professor Thomas Lee. This course groups student into teams to develop, design and create a new marketable product prototype.

In addition to the three experiential learning courses, several courses have been added to the full-time MBA program as electives. Among these are a course taught by visiting Assistant Professor Adair Morse from Chicago Booth on global entrepreneurial finance, allowing students to take a global view on what works and what fails in strategic financing. Senior Fellow John Danner has created a course titled Failure and Its Importance to Innovation and Entrepreneurship, taking a look at the failures of various ideas and companies with the hope that students will come out with the ability to better dodge failure by noticing early warning signs. Finally, Professor Paul Gertler’s new course, Applied Impact Evaluation, evaluates business strategies and public policies that are meant to inspire chance, and the actual impact that these programs have.

In the evening and weekend MBA program, one additional experiential learning course was added. Taught by former chief marketing officer of Del Monte, Bill Pearce, Design and Marketing New Products, the course brings students into “innovation teams” to discover what it takes for companies to bring out new products year after year and hold customer’s attention and needs. At the end of the course, students will present a detailed proposal to a real company panel. In addition to this, two new elective courses have been added to the evening and weekend MBA program. First, taught by Homa Bahrami is the course Global Teams, focusing on how collaboration works across cultural, geographical and economical borders. Second is Business and Natural Resources, taught by Omar Romero-Hernandez, which investigates the elements of sustainability and ecosystem conservation. By taking this course, students will gain a keener awareness of what it takes to manage their business decisions with regard to the environment, and how to gain a competitive edge by doing so.


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