Technology and Your GMAT Prep

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Technology and Your GMAT Prep

The GMAT is in many ways a technological marvel. Thousands of locations across the globe instantly report scores on the same test. The computer-adaptive test adapts to your skill level, adjusting difficulty on a question by question basis. Every center is equipped with a state-of-the-art palm scanner for additional security.

Technology can also help you prepare for this test. Every GMAT student knows that paper-based quizzes can't produce a test-like experience. Full-length practice Computer Adaptive Tests, like those offered by Kaplan, are key to success. You can take the online prep a step further; most GMAT prep books, like Kaplan's or the Official Guide, are also available as PDFs. Learning your lessons from a tablet or computer screen get your eyes used to reading on a monitor, and forces you to take your notes on separate scratch paper and not directly on the questions themselves. The more test-like your practice, the better!

When it comes to study schedules, technology can be a great help too. Sharing your schedule with your fellow students or with your instructor via an online calendar can get them to help you keep on pace. Setting up automatic email reminders for your study sessions can make sure you don't lose track of your GMAT prep on a busy day. I've even heard of an iOS app that will be cruel to you if you're not staying on task.

Finally, modern technology is great for finding support and encouragement. Having a tough day studying? Looking for additional resources? Take a look at our social sites for encouragement, resources, and fellow GMAT students:





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