Tips for a High GMAT Score

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Tips for a High GMAT Score

You don’t just want to increase your GMAT score, you want to get a high GMAT score, right? You’ve come to the right place. Our veteran teacher Gene Suhir has detailed advice for what sets GMAT high scorers apart from the pack. Take note.

Advice for GMAT High Scorers, from GMAT Expert Gene Suhir 

  • GMAT high scorers are really good at picking and choosing their battles wisely.  They understand that they WILL be getting certain questions wrong on test day, and that being perfectionists can hurt them (getting a problem right after 5 minutes is a Pyrrhic victory).
  • High scorers recognize patterns that others don’t, so they are able to correct the mistakes they made previously on similar problems.  Meanwhile, others continue to make the same mistakes over and over and over again because they fail to see the similarities between the problem they’re working on and the problem they got wrong previously.  In your practice, look for problems that test the same rules and concepts.
  • GMAT high scorers actually utilize ALL the resources at their disposal. With a Kaplan course, you have the book, Quiz Bank, SmartReports, Flex sessions, online workshops, quizzes, Lessons On Demand, Official Test Day Experience, etc.  Even now, almost a year into teaching our new GMAT course, I still find that some GMAT students view the Flex sessions as optional material, while high scorers view all parts of the course as important to their progress.
  • GMAT high scorers understand that knowing rules is necessary but by no means sufficient to their success -- that the logic of problem solving and critical thinking is paramount.  It drives me nuts, for example, when I see students have memorized the Combination and Permutation formulas but have a very poor understanding of when and how to use them. Remember that the GMAT tests critical thinking above all!

What has been the key to your success? How are you working toward getting a high GMAT score? Share your strategies with us in the comments!

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