Kaplan Exclusive: Have an Official GMAT Test Day Experience

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Kaplan Exclusive: Have an Official GMAT Test Day Experience

real GMAT practice testRealistic practice is key to success on GMAT test day when preparing for your exam.  If your preparation does not stress practice that is similar to the actual GMAT, you will encounter surprises on test day and will not achieve the highest score possible.

Many of you use Kaplan books or the GMAT Official Guide for practice problems, and time yourself while trying problems and taking numerous computer adaptive tests. These are all great ways to prepare for test day, but only Kaplan offers our students one more: The Official Test Day Experience (or ‘The Experience’ for short). In fact, Kaplan is the only test prep provider whose students are allowed to sit for a practice exam in the actual GMAT® exam testing facilities.

The Experience allows Kaplan students to go to a Pearson Professional Center, the location that administers the actual GMAT® exam, and take a practice computer adaptive test in the same room, with the same rules and regulations, as people taking an actual GMAT. By doing so, you are able to truly experience test day under realistic conditions, but without all of the pressure that comes along with the actual exam. When test day does come around, you will already know exactly what to expect.

“Familiarity with the testing environment helps lower exam-related stress and boost confidence, which is key to success on test day. Because admissions officers tell us that a low GMAT® exam score is the biggest application killer, every point on the exam can make a difference in a highly competitive environment,” said Brian Carlidge, executive director of pre-business and pre-graduate programs, Kaplan Test Prep.

The Experience is exactly like test day in every way.  Just as on test day, you will need to put all of your belongings in a locker, receive a set of scratch sheets and be forced to follow all of Pearson’s rules, from check-in, to security procedures, to computer setup, to break procedures.  By doing so, no surprises will be in store when you take your real exam.

Bob Whelan, President and CEO of Pearson VUE, said: “Having the opportunity to experience a very realistic practice test can make a crucial difference to the preparation and success, and therefore future careers and lives, of students taking the GMAT® exam. We are delighted that Kaplan Test Prep has shown its continued trust in Pearson VUE to deliver an excellent computer-based testing service by renewing our partnership.”

Kaplan GMAT On Site students can take up to eight exams like this with Pearson VUE, while Classroom Anywhere and On Demand students can take one. (The Experience is available to Kaplan students in North America, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Great Britain.)

By taking a practice test at the actual GMAT testing location at least once, you will be on your way to ensuring the highest possible score on Test Day.

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