Leadership is King: Interview with IMD’s Lisa Piguet

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IMD_Piguet-LisaIf you are considering pursuing an MBA at IMD then you are in luck. This week’s guest on Admissions Straight Talk is Lisa Piguet, Associate Director of MBA Admissions and Marketing at IMD.

Listen to the interview to get the details about IMD’s unique program, the admissions process, and some excellent advice for applicants.

00:02:05 – The (intense!) structure of the IMD MBA program.

00:06:41 – Work experience a must.

00:08:53 – Innovations of the new program director.

00:13:47 – Why the serious changes to the IMD application?

00:19:01 – The Day Long Assessment: what it is and why it’s here to stay.

00:21:35 – Career Placement at IMD: are the rumors true?

00:23:52 – Advice for IMD applicants.

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[7] Comments to this Article

  1. chenchen May 4, 8:46 AM

    Feedback posted on accepted.com by someone for IMD has been deleted. This is irresponsible on behalf of accepted.com because it is preventing us from hearing both sides of the story. They are in a way hiding the truth.

  2. truthy May 5, 2:46 AM

    Below is an extract of the chat I had with a chinese student who is a lawyer from a top US school. “IMD is a sinking ship. Their leadershit concepts are obsolete and companies don’t recognise any of the fishshit or putting the fish on the table. But hang on ! what does IMD know about the real world ! Nothing at all !IMD has become a shutter island. They provoke conflicts, mentally rape and morally impair sane students so much so that eventually they get addicted to shrinks. Control freak program director imprisoned students over the last few years in the study rooms as a result of which it got converted into a wine cellar and whore house. The rooms reek of alcohol and my friend has also shared pictures which show condoms strewn over the floor everywhere. Their career services director disappeared last year under the pretext of sick leave when the recruitment season was its peak and the management had no clue about her whereabouts or wellbeing. Maybe they never cared .The program director issued an apology to cover up the pathetic state of career affairs. The career services staff have no understanding whatso ever of what are the real world talent requirements. Nor do they take the effort or interest to find out and feed it back to the program for improvement. All that they do is sit and make phone calls to the common companies which recruit on every B school campus in hordes like Mckinsey, Google, Amazon . So what do they really deliver to a small lot of 90 students in terms of differentiation or customisation. Bullocks !! Their career service don’t even know that recruitment requirements are different across different cultures. They talk about being an International B school. What is alarming that their career services team even has no idea about the difference between various industries and functions in any organisation. How can they guide the students ? This guy consulted a private executive coach and was shocked to hear that all the coaching he had received on his CV and motivation letter at IMD were redundant in the real world. Even Swiss and European companies have little faith in IMD. IMD has recruited several students with GMAT scores less than 600 who come from family business or china and the latter cannot even speak English. Some students were compulsive alcoholics like a black guy from Dubai and even bribed the program director with alcohol. Their much hyped reference checks are baseless. It would serve them better if they stop their excessive marketing to gullible students and rather do some ethical marketing with companies to increase their credibility and visibility and above all develop a program which meets the real world requirement.

  3. abbaby May 14, 8:51 PM

    Peter Lorange must be crying to see his loves labor lost. Starting 2008 IMD has seen a decline in its program standard and services, thanks to the women leadership who are only gossiping all the time. 50% of the students are struggling to land jobs everyyear and their career services is blaming it on the quality of the program and the students. So some internal fighting going on as well.

  4. tom May 23, 12:10 AM

    Hmmm this sounds like trouble in paradise !! The IMD alumni is shrinking, highly passive and inactive so understandably they cannot influence the situation positively. The only advantage that IMD has is the loans which Swiss banks provide to their students. However the situation given in the below posts compels me to think that the loans will not be sustainable in the near future. With no loans and poor program standard and career services, IMD will no longer attract great talent. I heard some students are planning to sue the career services department of the school !!! The situation is unbelievably bad.

    1. IMDalumni October 30, 11:55 PM

      Was that a deja vu or inside information. Credit Sussie has withdrawn its loans from IMD and guess UBS is next in line.

  5. dips May 27, 7:02 AM

    As they say, IMD is in deep doo doo :O

  6. hen June 28, 11:34 PM

    The buzz on IMD grounds :
    Women in IMD – divided by ego, united by gossip
    Men in IMD – divided by women, united by liquor

    Have fun !