GMAT Prep: Quantitative Vs. Verbal

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As anyone studying for the GMAT surely already knows well, the GMAT itself is divided into four sections: the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), the Integrated Reasoning (IR), the Quantitative, and the Verbal sections. From these four, only the last two, the Quantitative and Verbal sections, contribute to your final score (the number that ranges from 200 to 800 in intervals of 10).

Therefore, many students find themselves focusing more intensively on the Quantitative and Verbal sections than the first two. Whether this is an appropriate approach depends on a number of factors, namely how comfortable the student is with the first two sections of the test and how important the scores of those two sections are to the graduate programs to which the student is applying.

The  decision to allocate time away from the AWA and IR sections is a decision to be made on a case by case basis with the consultation of your tutor. That leaves the Quantitative and Verbal sections. These two sections contribute equally to the final GMAT score, but time should again be distributed between the two on a basis of personal strengths and weaknesses.

Through Optimus Prep, students are given the choice to distribute at will the number of GMAT prep hours spent with their Quantitative and Verbal tutors, respectively. The tutors, using results from both a diagnostic computer adaptive test very similar to the real GMAT and results during sessions, will help advise how a student should distribute not only personal study hours, but even the private tutoring hours that comprise their GMAT prep.

Optimus Prep excels in helping individual students on a case by case basis, paying attention to the qualities of each student that make them unique. We have offices and offer GMAT prep classes in North America in New York, Chicago, and Toronto, and in Europe in Paris, London, and Berlin. We also offer virtual classes that take place over the internet to students world-wide. For more information,
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