Is GMAT Tutoring Right for You?

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Is GMAT Tutoring Right for You?

Tutor 3Why Does GMAT Tutoring Work?

It is different than the classroom prep experience, where the agenda is set and you work at the rate established by the rest of the students in class and the teacher's lesson book. While some students function perfectly within the classroom environment, others find that they need the focused, flexible attention of tutoring in order to flourish.

Do you learn best in a one-on-one, face-to-face setting?

When you work one-on-one with an expert Kaplan GMAT tutor on your own schedule and at your own pace, you can create the ideal test prep experience for YOU. With GMAT Private Tutoring you'll work with a rigorously trained instructor who will focus exclusively on your needs. Do you need to spend more time on a specific area? No problem. Prefer to breeze through a section that's easier for you? You got it. With GRE Tutoring, your test prep plan is personalized just for you. It's the ultimate choice for achieving a higher score.

Kaplan GMAT Tutors Share Their Insights

"The best Kaplan tutoring takes advantage of taking a classroom course (either on site, online/Anywhere, or On Demand) in addition to doing tutoring. Since a course is included at no additional charge, my tutoring students get maximum advantage of learning the fundamentals in a group setting and then having a chance to hone in specifically on the particular strategies that will enable them, personally and specifically, to rise to their best scores. In some ways, tutoring is partly educational ("How should you approach this problem? What are alternative ways to get to a right answer? What's the best way to manage each section of the test?") and partly a form of therapy ("I can't figure out how to get going with studying. How do I choose what to practice? How do I manage my study time? What should I study in what priority?"). Preparing for the GMAT can be a lonely and isolating task, and working with a tutor can be supportive and social in productive ways." - Elisa Davis, Elite Tutor & Teacher

"I work with a lot of business professionals for whom the scarcest resource is time.  Meeting with a tutor allows those professionals not only to get help with the test material, but also with study planning.  If you only have x hours per week to study, it's essential that you get the most value out of those hours. Working with a tutor will really streamline the process and get you the most bang for your buck." - Stuart Kovinsky, Elite Tutor & Teacher

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