Optimus Prep Expands to Chicago

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Optimus Prep is happy to announce its expansion into the Chicago area, bringing professional, quality GMAT preparation at competitive prices. Students who are looking to apply for post-graduate management programs know that the GMAT score is one of the key factors in the admissions process. A high score on the GMAT is, therefore, an essential way-point along the road to success.

Achieving a top score on the GMAT, however, is more easily said than done; and that is why we are there to help. Optimus Prep arranges private tutoring sessions given by professional GMAT tutors, all of whom have personally taken the test and who have received scores placing them in the 99th percentile of all test-takers. In addition, all of our tutors have several years of teaching and tutoring experience in the field of academic test preparation.

Preparation for the GMAT is key to making an impressive score. In fact, studies have shown that the number of hours spent in preparation determines more than anything else, including past academic performance, the final score received by those who take the test.

Professional tutoring by people who are intimately familiar with the GMAT (including everything from specific insights to exactly how the test is administered) is far and away the best method for test preparation. Self studying can take even longer than studying with a tutor, as the tutor can give advice and feedback about where the student would most benefit from studying; this guidance streamlines the preparation process, making it more efficient.

Furthermore, self-studying yields overall less impressive results. The average GMAT test-taker who has not had professional help in studying takes the test three times before achieving the target score. GMAT preparation by Optimus Prep can help you avoid not only the frustration and lost time that go along with multiple attempts at the GMAT, but also the test-taking fees: $250 each time!

If you are in the Chicago area and planning on applying for a graduate program, chances are you will need to submit a GMAT score – the higher, the better. Visit our website www.optimus-prep.com and contact us for a free diagnostic test, as well as information about how exactly we can be of service to you.

Artem Morgunov

- Founder of Optimus Prep

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