Is a PhD a Good Idea?

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Karen_KelskyIf you dream of living the rest of your life in the world of academia, this podcast is for you.

Listen to the recording of our conversation with Dr. Karen Kelsky, founder and consultant at The Professor is In for some important insights into the very hot topic: Is a PhD a good path?

Warning: you may not like what you hear.

00:02:47 – The mission of The Professor Is In.

00:03:55 – How to hack the academic job search (and why you need to hack it in the first place).

00:05:55 – How a traumatic first job-market experience created an ongoing obsession.

00:08:24 – Karen’s response to the comment: “Not sure the PhD is good for most students’ goals anymore.”

00:13:36 – Why are people still pursuing PhDs?

00:16:18 – Advice for students who are already in PhD programs.

00:22:06 – The non-academic track: Don’t let shame corrupt your thinking process.

00:33:25 – Industries hiring non-academic PhDs.

00:42:47 – What an applicant can do before starting a PhD program to better position themselves for careers.

Listen to the full conversation to learn more!

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