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Optimus Prep specializes in customized GMAT preparation for students of all levels.  If you live in Chicago and you are thinking of taking the GMAT in the near future, we can help you with your GMAT prep! Our GMAT prep packages—ranging from 12 hours to 34 hours—can be adjusted for your needs.

Once you sign up for a GMAT prep course in Chicago, the course will take place either downtown (at a café or bookstore) or at your home, if it’s located nearby in the Chicago area. Our tutors are very experienced in ascertaining your strengths and weaknesses and developing student-specific strategies to improve your GMAT performance.  Maybe you need to focus on geometry skills or reading comprehension. In that case, our Chicago-based tutors will build a prep course that focus on those areas while still making sure you improve in others.

After you have taken the diagnostic computer adaptive test (CAT), we will be able to make this type of determination (whether your GMAT prep should focus on geometry or probability or proper idiom usage or all of the above). Then, you will meet with your tutor in Chicago and go over your CAT results in person. Then, during the lessons that follow, you will work with your tutor to improve your ability and strategy in these areas of weakness.


Artem Morgunov -  Founder of Optimus Prep - www.optimus-prep.com

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